jBrowser 2.00

The WAP 2.0 Browser from Jataayu, jBrowser is your window to the world of WAP, providing access to critical information for people on the move "Anytime - Anywhere". jBrowser is the first browser to support WAP 2.0 standards and is also fully backward compatible with the earlier WAP 1.X standards. It has already been deployed at customers world-wide and has been checked for interoperability on various networks and WAP Gateways.

The jBrowser is available on multiple platforms like Native OS platforms for feature phones, SmartPhone, PocketPC, PalmOS, Symbian, J2ME and others, making it the only browser with support for handheld devices and desktops.

The jBrowser is a feature rich browser with support for the WAP 2.0 standards effectively handling displays on devices with a divergent range of input and output capabilities, network connectivity, and levels of scripting language support. Here you get an opportunity to customise and select the features which are relevant to you. Moreover, we offer a compact size and unique features like multiple windows navigation, convenient horizontal and vertical scroll bars to surf the WAP world and also a user configurable history and favorites folder management for intelligently handling both WAP 1.x as well as WAP 2.0 compatible sites and a ready reckoner to keep track of statistics on data downloads in a GPRS scenario. We also support Unicode for multiple languages and can offer UI in your local language too. For applications which need security, we also support WAP security.